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Security Awareness:

We at Al Nefaie Investment Group take the responsibility of securing your accounts very seriously. While we are constantly updating our security features to ensure your protection at all times, it is very important that you understand your role and obligations to ensure the security of your information regarding electronic trading operations (desktops / mobile devices / smartphones) online or through AlnufaiePhone.

Al-Nufaie Investment Group wants to keep you informed of mounting security threats, which should receive your utmost attention.

Electronic luring:

A criminal activity that involves attempting to fraudulently obtain sensitive information such as a user ID, password and account data by impersonating a trusted friend or prestigious company as a bank or financial company in an e-mail or fake site. Online brokerage firms that offer online trading services are targeted for solicitation. The most common means of solicitation are e-mails or instant messaging, and often involve a request for users to disclose personal details through a fake web site, but sometimes solicitation is also used. Attracting an attack on the identity of a person may be a client of Alnufaie investment. Typically, the term “identity theft” has been termed this type of attack because the attacker's purpose is to obtain your personal data using various techniques such as fake websites, fake emails, etc. What can you do to help us prevent you from being exploited?

  • Be vigilant for attempts to solicit by mail, and be sure to log into the site Nafiei Tadawul through the correct website address: www.alnefaietadawul.com
  • Avoid using computers or “public” network connections, especially when reviewing financial statements. If necessary, use your personal files, spy cookies, and cached Internet memory to be deleted.
  • Protect your laptop and other portable electronic devices against theft, activate hard disk encryption and password access control.
  • You should ensure that you do not disclose your personal or financial information to third parties in response to a request to update, check or confirm your account details unless you are the initiator of the communication, and you know who your partner is.
  • Do not click on links in chat rooms or messages, and do not call a phone number that is included in an e-mail message even if the purpose is to update your data.
  • Remember, Alnefaie Investment will never send you an email with a response and disclose your personal information
  • If you have recently replied to an automated e-mail message that you did not respond to and at your request, the reply includes disclosure of any personal information about your Nafiei investment account, and if you now suspect that the sending party was not Alnufaie Investment, contact us immediately so that we can Take action to protect your account.

Report any incidents or security suspicions to Al-Nufaie Investment by calling the post office or telephone 920002885 so that we can take appropriate measures to protect you. Or on email incident@nefaie.com

Viruses and Spyware:

The most common types of risk we face these days are that viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms can cause varying degrees of damage depending on their type. Customers should always install and run state-of-the-art anti-virus and spyware on their computers.

  • Identity Theft:

It is a crime in which the aggressor, through illegal means, intrudes and accesses your personal information and uses it in fraudulent or misleading ways to achieve purposes aimed at stealing money. Unfortunately, most victims of impersonation do not realize the fact that they are targeted prey until damage has occurred, which may involve anonymous charges, withdrawals, incoming calls for funds from collection offices, etc.

Identity theft is an intentional impersonation of another person who is usually intended to access or implicate a person's financial statements in a crime.

  • password:

Keep your password confidential and change it periodically. Al Nefaie Investment advises its clients - for their own safety and security - to refrain from using known information such as date of birth, telephone number or any easily identifiable part of the client name as a password.

Customer role (things you should do):

The customer also has a vital role in ensuring information security. Alnefaie Investment recommends that its clients adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that the operating system is equipped with the latest versions and security packages.
  • Run anti-virus and spyware programs and ensure that they are installed in a way that ensures that they are automatically updated continuously.
  • Use firewall software and ensure proper installation and installation. Review Internet browser security settings.
  • Avoid disclosing your password and personal data to third parties, including Al Nufaie Investment staff.
  • Inform Al Nefaie Investment about any security incidents or suspicions by contacting us via email incident@nefaie.com or on 920002885 to enable Alnufaie Investment to take appropriate measures to protect you.

What are the procedures for reporting security suspicions?


If you have any doubts about an unauthorized security breach of your account (s) over the Internet, or if an electronic transaction has been performed on your account by others, you should notify us immediately by calling the unified number 920002885 or by email incident@nefaie.com

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