Securities Services

Be ahead of the increasing complexity and rapid change in the investment landscape

Today’s securities industry is facing an unprecedented changes arising from new regulations, development of emerging technologies, and market evolution. Companies aiming to navigate this environment and capitalize on the latest developments need expertise and investments of effort, time and resources. Our services go beyond the traditional securities servicing to provide asset owners and asset managers with the operational efficiency, market expertise and innovative solutions to help make informed decisions and achieve investment goals.

With the rapid transformation of technology and a move towards the digitization of the industry, our clients need a custodian who can help them to gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace and capitalize on the evolution of the custody business.

Securities Services

At Al Nefaie Investment Group our custody services cover all asset classes across the risk return spectrum including alternative investments such as real estate and private equity. We built a well-established and professional capability to provide custody and admin services to retail as well as institutional investors covering individual portfolios and mutual funds, our services include:

Funds Services:

  • Compliance Services.
  • Depositary Services.
  • Fund Accounting.
  • Fund Administration & Valuation Services.
  • Investor Services / Transfer Agency.
  • Regulatory Administration.
  • Share Registration.
  • Other Services.

Alternative Investment Funds Services:

We provide customized services to alternative investment funds such as real estate, commodities and private equity investments. Our services including:

  • Establishing the fund’s SPV / legal structure.
  • Account opening.
  • Arrange for properties’ title deeds transfer.
  • Custody of physical assets.
  • Any other customized services related to managing the real estate / private equity funds.

Other services:

  • Open Accounts at Tadawul.
  • Opening of internally investment accounts.
  • Custody of Securities.
  • Corporate action management.
  • Preparation of investment portfolio reports.




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